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I want to thank you and your team for last two years - it has been great journey together and I and my team here in Helsinki have been really enjoyed working with you! You should feel proud of your work and your dedication to MSN/Microsoft. Personally I think Generator are the most matured sales partner what we have in EMEA and of course will continue to be in that level.
Mikko Ketola
Microsoft Advertiser and Publisher Group, Country Manager for Ireland & Finland

"Mediaworks continue to be one of Ireland's leading media agencies.  We plan and buy across all media - TV, Radio, Digital, Print, Out-Of-Home, Ambient and Cinema.
We represent clients operating across a range of competitive sectors ... our client list includes well known companies including Quinn Group, McDonald's, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Sony, Trócaire, Coty, Friends First and Tropicana.

We have been dealing with Generator since its launch in the Irish market.  In the past two years we have noticed the significant increase in usage of digital and online media by clients.  Unfortunately during this period, a number of digital sales agencies have failed to deliver in terms of accessibility, turnaround and overall servicing as they have not been in a position to structure their organisation / staffing to manage the increased focus on digital.

However, in the case of 'Generator' we are pleased to acknowledge that we have not witnessed any dilution of service.  In fact, our team of planners and buyers regularly mention the expertise and accessibility (plus prompt turnaround) by Generator as being first class.  This is in comparison not just to digital vendors media but indeed is a comparison to all media vendors.

For media advertising agencies, it is important that we have the opportunity to work with professional sales organisations who are experts in their field and who are prepared and eager to educate us on developments within their medium.  Generator is one of the few vendors within the digital arena currently fulfilling this requirement.  Delivering on this service level requirement will help and encourage us to continue to grow our clients' digital investments".
Paul Moran
Managing Director, Mediaworks Ltd.

"Initiative work with Mark Tarbatt and his team on a number of sites, the principle one being MSN. We find both Mark and his team to be knowledgeable and well prepared when they come to present to our planners. They understand the time pressures on agencies and are constantly trying to grow their clients business through creative solutions that help grow your industry and develop cut through for our campaigns.

We would have no issue recommending Generator to prospective media owners who were looking for a very professional, well informed sales organisation to represent them in the marketplace".
Chris Rayner
Managing Director - Initiative

"Generator are the oldest and most experienced online sales house in Ireland and that experience shows.

They provide an excellent service, ensuring that campaigns are easy to book and get delivered and issues are dealt with and resolved quickly.

They work with us to create formats, positions and targeted opportunities that deliver for both us and their web sites.They value their agency relationships and are treated according by ICAN.

They value their site relationships and understand the sites they represent inside out.

Overall, Generator are a trustworthy, reputable, progressive and professional organization"
Shenda Loughnane
Managing Director, Ican.ie

"I have been doing business with Mark Tarbatt and the team at Generator since they opened their doors in 2001, since then we have seen a lot of developments & progress since then and Generator have been at the vanguard of this.

Since setting up my business in 2005 I have valued the level of partnership offered by Generator, and this continues to this day.
One thing I value in business is working with solid partners with proven track record, the digital media sector, more than any other, needs stability as it's future is based on sustainable progress not the precarious peaks & troughs we have witnessed to date.

On a personal level, I very much see Mark as one of the founding partners of the digital media industry in Ireland, one of a handful of people who has braved and nurtured the sector to the 150m industry it represents today".
Justin Cullen
Managing Director, Net behaviour

"Generator always deliver the highest levels of service to me when I am planning an online campaign. They have worked closely with me across a range of my clients, from emerging digital spenders of Mars to the digital savvy Microsoft. Throughout both the planning and buying process, Generator have assisted me with delivering not only brand awareness, but engagement solutions that are fully accountable, cost effective campaigns.

Generator has been crucial in helping me bring new brands to the digital arena and to keep them there. As a planner/buyer across all media channels, I rely on my team at Generator to keep me informed of any advancements/media solutions that are available to my clients. William Lynch in Generator has worked on the UM account for quite a while and this consistency of an agency manager allows him to know our client base and be proactive with relevant digital solutions.

I deal with online sales houses every week, Generator stand out as a market leader in their field with their diverse portfolio of channels and high levels of client service. This brings them to top of mind as they can deliver a diverse media buy across the core audiences I target. Generator is a key partner for UM in delivering successful online advertising solutions for our clients and I would highly recommend them to deliver for your business."
Karen Conway
Senior Account Manager, Universal McCann

"Eirborne has developed a widget that enables users to send and receive mobile text messages from their social networking sites. Eirborne's widget has been approved by Bebo and we are now running a fully integrated ad campaign on Bebo Ireland, UK, USA and Australia. The campaign is a major success with Bebo users now using the widget to send over 1m text messages per month."
Gerard O'Keeffe

"Bebo is one of the most interesting and pervasive things to happen to the youth media sector in Ireland since the emergence of the independent radio sector in the 1980's. And with hundreds of thousands of Irish teenagers using it is 'the' place where opinions are formed and society is shaped for the youth market - no other media channel can compete with this.

The campaigns we have run on Bebo have been hugely effective in meeting our objectives, where we have seen real engagement with the advertising in a trackable and meaningful way."

Justin Cullen
Managing Director, Net Behaviour

"We are very happy with the level of responses Bebo and Generator have generated for the Irish Eragon Movie launch.

From a media perspective, the difference between this and other campaigns we've run was the level of interaction with the target audience.

The home page presence on Bebo drove the target audience to the microsite/profile for the movie where they left messages, comments and discussed the film!"
Mary Murray
Account Manager, Starcom Mediavest

"I found Generator easy to work with and very knowledgeable of the Irish online market."
Interactive Supervisor
Land's End Direct, USA

"One of our main objectives online is to maximise absolute reach of the online audience. Generator's high profile sites therefore form the backbone of virtually all ICAN media schedules. Not only do these sites produce reach, but they also produce results. Through our detailed reporting systems and working closely with Generator, we have been able to produce highly successful ongoing campaigns for our clients and will continue to place emphasis on both sites in the future."
Managing Director
ICAN Interactive Advertising

"Monster.ie have been working with Generator since March 2002 and as a result we attract high quality job seekers to our website. Generator has worked in partnership with Monster.ie, which has enabled a very successful business relationship."
Operations Director
TMP / Monster

"At Irishjobs.ie we have found working with Generator to be hugely beneficial for us as the recruitment channel sponsor. At all times the partnership has been run in a very professional manner with both sides working hard to maximise the benefits. Generator has been full of ideas, flexible to deal with and most importantly have delivered on the mutually agreed targets we set for driving jobseekers to visit Irishjobs.ie."
Marketing Director